A Balanced Life Is Within Reach

Who are We?

A quick introduction to what we do...

The Relaxation Space is a mobile and online Health and Wellbeing business operating out of the Southern Highlands of NSW. We offer a simple yet comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, with a specific focus on education and therapeutic techniques for transforming stress and anxiety. We deliver health and wellbeing talks and creative arts workshops in the Canberra, Southern Sydney, Wollongong and South Coast regions. We deliver Pilates and Restorative Fitness/Relaxation classes in the Southern Highlands, Wollongong and South Coast regions.

Our Restorative Fitness relaxation classes combine breath control, fascia release and muscle relaxation techniques. They are floor-based classes with no standing or strenuous poses. The classes run for 60 minutes, with 15 minutes of breath control and muscle relaxation instruction, followed by 45 minutes of fascia release techniques that mirror the practice of Yin Yoga. There is a maximum of twenty participants per class.

Our Pilates Fitness classes are challenging yet gentle on joints & chronic injuries. We use small props such as Pilates balls, Pilates rings, resistance bands, stability cushions, larger stability balls & hand weights to deliver balanced & thorough classes. They are a very effective low impact & enjoyable form of exercise focusing on joint strength & stability. We especially enjoy training clients in the over-50s age group because Pilates is great for joint stability and balance. A maximum of twenty participants per class.